Our funds

The Golden Hind funds are multimanager portfolios that are completely diversified, with active management and a meticulous risk control process adapted to each investor’s profile.

Benefits for our clients

  • Access to a jurisdiction recognized for its high standards of regulation and investor protection, as well as tax efficiency.
  • Portfolio and strategy selection suited to your needs and investment objectives. Three strategies adapted to the client’s risk profile are currently available: cautious, balanced and dynamic.
  • Fairly low minimums to access the strategies.
  • Access to the world’s leading Asset Managers, accessing institutional classes and achieving economic efficiencies.
  • Diversification in terms of issuers, sectors, industries, regions and styles.

Fund Facts

Jurisdiction: Luxembourg (AAA)
Regulatory Framework: UCITS
Liquidity: Daily
Currency: USD
Management Company: Andbank Asset Management Luxembourg
Investment Advisor: Aiva Investment S.A.
Auditor: Deloitte Audit S.à r.l.

Investec Multi Asset Cautious

The choice for investors who seek capital preservation and want growth potential for their investment.

Investec Multi Asset Balanced

Designed to obtain a balance between capital preservation and investment growth.

Investec Multi Asset Dynamic

Perfect for those who seek to maximize capital growth over the long term.

Investec Global Trends

Designed for investors seeking long term capital growth by investing in a wide range of technologies.

Golden Hind Prudent Opportunities

An option for investors seeking long term capital appreciation by investing in global companies with sustainable competitive advantages and fixed income tools.


Golden Hind Global Fixed Income Portfolio

An option for investors seeking long term capital appreciation by investing in global companies with sustainable competitive advantages and fixed income tools.

Golden Hind Private Life Moderate

A fund for investors seeking a balance between capital preservation and enhancing investment growth potential.

“The Prospectus includes descriptions of certain risks related to an investment in any bonds or securities “6.3 Risks of Investing in Investment Funds”,and it is recommended that prospective investors read and carefully assess those risks and the risks in the Prospectus itself. Prospective investors are required to make their own independent investigations and appraisals of the business and financial condition of the Investment Fund, the sub funds and/or the nature of the bonds or securities before taking any investment decision with respect to any instrument. Investors should make their investment decision solely on the basis of any Prospectus in final form and not rely on any summary terms and conditions as being a complete and accurate presentation of the full terms and conditions of any bonds or securities. Prospective investors should, either individually or through their advisers, have sufficient investment expertise to understand the risks involved and associated in any purchase or sale of any financial instrument discussed herein. The prospective investor understands and accepts that investment in the Fund may entail considerable losses; and also may signify a total loss of its investment in the Fund.»