Golden Hind Private Life Moderate

A fund for investors seeking a balance between capital preservation and enhancing investment growth potential.

Private Life Moderate – Factsheet

Investment Objective

The objective of the fund is to seek capital preservation and moderate growth, designed for the investor who seeks a balance between security and returns in the medium and long term, by investing in different fixed income, equity and alternative securities at a global level and in different currencies, prioritizing capital protection. This portfolio is designed for investors seeking to invest in a US dollar-denominated portfolio.


The portfolio may hold mutual funds, ETFs, corporate and government bonds, and cash or cash equivalents. The portfolio may invest between 20% and 50% in equities, between 20% and 80% in fixed income, between 0% and 30% in alternatives and between 0% and 100% in cash or similar instruments. Capital protection will be prioritized through flexible management among asset classes.

Jurisdiction: Luxembourg (AAA)

Regulatory Framework: UCITS

Liquidity: Daily

Investment Horizon: 5-7 years

Currency: USD

Management Company: Andbank Asset Management Luxembourg

Investment Advisor: Aiva Investment S.A.

Depositary, Administrative Agent, Registrar and Transfer Agent: The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV, Luxembourg branch.

ISIN: LU1649247001

Bloomberg: NCAPRIA LX

Inception Date: 08/22/2017

Auditor: Deloitte Audit S.à r.l.

“For more details of the Sub-Fund please contact your Financial Advisor or refer to the latest version of the Sub-Fund Prospectus, which is available upon request”.