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Investec Multi Asset Cautious

The choice for investors who seek capital preservation and want growth potential for their investment

Investec Multi Asset Balanced

Designed to obtain a balance between capital preservation and investment growth.

Investec Multi Asset Dynamic

Perfect for those who seek to maximize capital growth over the long term.

Investec Global Trends

Designed for investors seeking long term capital growth by investing in a wide range of technologies.

Golden Hind Prudent Opportunities

An option for investors seeking long term capital appreciation by investing in global companies with sustainable competitive advantages and fixed income tools.

Golden Hind Global Fixed Income Portfolio

Designed for investors seeking stability and returns on their investments.


The Golden Hind

Golden Hind was the first English ship to set out to circumnavigate the world, captained by Sir Francis Drake. Upon his arrival, he was honored with a knighthood for his persistence.

We are guided by his values: trust, hard work, persistence and above all, goal orientation.

Today, Golden Hind symbolizes what is memorable and that it is possible to go beyond.

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Our Team

We have an experienced and persistent team that aims at providing the best service and taking your investment to the next level.

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Investment Process

Through a meticulous selection process that considers quantitative and qualitative factors, we look for the best managers for each asset class, sector and geographical region to build the portfolio structure for the medium to long term.

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Market view

Learn about the most relevant events of the month and stay informed on our fund management and the changes we have made to the strategies.

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